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Looking to boost the beauty and value of your home with a stone fireplace? Think about it: stone is as sturdy and as classic as the best investments come. If you are mulling over the stone to use in your new construction project, check which do you think will fit into the style, weather and feel of your home; it's either going to be in natural stone or cultured stone.

Natural stone- is the investment per excellence; it is pricier, weightier, and a testier work of art to handle compared to cultured stone. Your options for this category tend to be limited, too. Granite, Marble, and Limestone are the typical options.

Cultured stone- products can however be designed to "match" the stone surface type you are going after, are typically more striking and durable than real stone products for fireplace projects. Imagine also the pleasant bonus of lesser costs. The look of cultured stone is composed of stone aggregates, dyes and lightweight cement. It is said that most sellers of cultured stones offer a half-a-century guarantee against wear and tear.

With respect to natural stone- let's take a closer look at a perfect representative: natural limestone. A sedimentary rock made of calcium carbonate, the appearance and quality of the limestone is influenced by factors such as the quantity of calcium carbonate in the limestone and the amount of fossil contained in the final product of natural limestone.

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Contractors Cultured Architectural Stone Installation Cost | Free Quote Repair Replace Fireplace Walls Columns Fences